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Nemaura Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: NMRD), is a medical technology company developing sugarBEAT® as a non-invasive, affordable and flexible glucose monitoring system for adjunctive use by persons with diabetes. SugarBEAT® consists of a disposable adhesive skin-patch connected to a rechargeable transmitter, with an app displaying glucose readings at regular five minute intervals.

Key Points:

  • - Nemaura Medical Inc. was spun out from founding company and listed on the OTC in Q4 2013, and subsequently uplisted to NASDAQ in Q1 2018
  • - SugarBEAT® predecessor device (based on wrist-watch format) received CE Mark approval in Q1 2016
  • - Submitted current sugarBEAT® format (wireless skin-patch) for date for CE Mark review in Q1 2018
  • - SugarBEAT® completed 525 patient day (75 patients x 7 days) European clinical trial programme in Q4 2017
  • - SugarBEAT® launch due 2018 initially in United Kingdom, followed shortly thereafter by key European countries
  • - Licensee agreement with Dallas Burston Ethitronix Limited (DBE) to market sugarBEAT® throughout United Kingdom and Ireland
  • - DBE was founded by Dr. Dallas Burston (MBBS), a pharmaceutical marketing entrepreneur specialising in selling breakthrough medical products into European markets
  • - Dr. Burston has generated $200M+ by selling some of the previous medical sales companies he founded onto big pharma (for example DB Ashbourne Limited and Ashbourne Pharmaceuticals Limited)
  • - SugarBEAT® expected to commence US PMA clinical trial programme in H2 2018
  • - For more information about sugarBEAT®, please visit

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