Better diagnostics for life

Innovative, R&D-led patented biomedical diagnostic technologies; Nemaura Medical focusses on some of the world’s most pressing health concerns.

Delivering direct knowledge of an individual’s health and wellbeing, our needle-free and patient-friendly technology has the potential to transform health monitoring by providing tailored feedback on glucose, lactate and other key body performance metrics.

Our BEAT™ Technology Platform

Convenient, timely and painless, our needle-free, patented BEAT™ technology is applied to the skin via a small un-obtrusive patch.

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Transmitting this data to users and / or healthcare professionals via a Smartphone App, the technology will allow monitoring of medical conditions and chronic diseases for better management or treatment.

Encouraging compliance due to its ease and flexibility of use, our technology is expected to provide substantial savings to patients while potentially helping to significantly reduce future health complications for many medical conditions.

Key market applications include: diabetes, a growing concern for healthcare providers and governments across the globe as diabetes cases continue to soar.

Potential critical care applications include lactate monitoring to prevent lactic acidosis, a potentially fatal drop in the pH of tissues and blood due to a build-up of lactate after a trauma or depletion of body fluids.

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Suitable for all persons with diabetes as well as pre-diabetics, SugarBEAT® is a CE Marked non-invasive, affordable and flexible continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Combining patented skin-patch technology with a rechargeable transmitter, SugarBEAT® facilitates better glucose management by empowering users to spend more time in range.

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