Creating affordable diagnostic and digital tools for Chronic Disease Management

Nemaura Medical evolved from a microsystem-based drug delivery platform that was developed in 2011. Since then, we have expanded the platform to allow the monitoring of multiple chemicals in the blood, without using needles.

Replacing traditional invasive methods of diagnosis and healthcare observation procedures, our BEAT® technology will allow for remote continuous monitoring of chronic diseases and health conditions.

One of the great advantages of our product, apart from eliminating the need to draw blood samples or inserting needles or sensors into the skin, is that a person can wear the device on whatever day they choose and for however long they choose. This is a unique feature of our device that has vast potential to change the way we manage chronic disease conditions.

In addition to the medical applications, we have developed Miboko, (, a digital healthcare program with the glucose sensor at its heart. We believe Miboko addresses a significant mass market opportunity that we believe could benefit roughly a third to half of the population by using a non-invasive glucose sensor to measure and monitor a user’s metabolic health score, which is based on glucose tolerance or insulin resistance. Those with prediabetes or obesity concerns, or even those looking to maintain better health through more careful glucose control, may benefit from such a metabolic health program. How one’s body metabolizes sugar is the main influencer of one’s appetite, weight, sleep quality, and energy and mood levels and even plays a critical factor in chronic diseases (beyond just diabetes), such as heart disease and dementia.

Nemaura has combined our in-house diagnostic platform technology and artificial intelligence (AI) development capabilities with digital healthcare platforms through partnerships. We are positioning ourselves to become a significant player in the digital healthcare revolution through our technology offerings that will combine AI, devices, and digital platforms.

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