The future of diagnostic technology

Nemaura Medical evolved from a Micro-systems based drug delivery platform in 2011. Since then we have developed the platform to allow the monitoring of multiple chemicals in the blood, without using needles. These include Glucose for diabetics, lactate for athletic performance monitoring and alcohol monitoring, amongst several other potential candidates that can be measured.

Replacing traditional invasive methods of diagnosis and healthcare observation procedures, our BEAT® technology will allow for remote continuous monitoring of chronic diseases and health conditions.

An intuitive patient-friendly disposable skin-patch, applied while the user goes about their daily life, it is expected to significantly reduce the current and future burden on healthcare services by greatly enhancing health and wellness or disease management. One of the great advantages of our product apart from the fact that you no longer need to draw blood samples or insert a needle or sensor inside the skin, is that a person can wear the device on whatever day they choose and for however long they choose. This is a unique feature of our device and a world first, opening up vast potential for changing the way we manage chronic disease conditions.

Nemaura have combined their in-house diagnostic platform technology with digital healthcare platforms through partnerships and by bringing in artificial intelligence development capabilities in-house. Our technology offering will grow to encompass a combination of AI, devices, and digital platforms.

Multiple Applications

Easily extended to other molecules (or analytes) and medicinal drugs present in the interstitial fluid of the skin, our BEAT® technology has broad ranging potential clinical and non-clinical applications, including:

  • – Diabetes (glucose trending)
  • – Athletic performance monitoring (lactate monitoring)
  • – Alcohol Addiction (continuous alcohol monitoring)

sugarBEAT® and BEAT®diabetes

Suitable for people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes respectively to better manage, reverse and prevent the onset of diabetes, sugarBEAT® is a CE Marked non-invasive, affordable and flexible continuous glucose monitor (CGM). BEAT®diabetes is a health subscription service providing 1-on-1 lifestyle coaching and behavior change recommendations driven by personalized data provided by sugarBEAT®

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