The future of diagnostic technology

BEAT® Technology Platform

Convenient, timely and painless, our needle-free, patented BEAT® technology is applied to the skin via a small un-obtrusive patch.

Transmitting this data to users and / or healthcare professionals via a Smartphone App, the technology will allow monitoring of medical conditions and chronic diseases for better disease management or treatment. Encouraging compliance due to its ease and flexibility of use, our technology is expected to provide substantial savings to patients while potentially helping to significantly reduce future health complications for many medical conditions.

Applications of our technology include glucose monitoring, temperature monitoring, Lactate monitoring, Alcohol Monitoring as well as monitoring the presence of drugs in the body.

The technology uses precision microsystems based technology that has taken decades to perfect in academia, and only recent advances in manufacturing technologies have allowed these technologies to be cost-efficiently mass produced. Nemaura Medical aims to bring a multitude of products in the diagnostic field to global markets. This will be combined with world-class digital offerings, so we can play a significant role in the prevention and management of chronic disease conditions.


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